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Skylight Installation in Apopka, FL

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Allow that Florida Sunshine to Warm the Inside

Add Natural Light with Skylights

When it’s beautiful outside and you’re inside for whatever reason, wouldn’t it be nice to harness some of that natural light? Skylights are a great way to enhance the natural lighting of your home, office, or restaurant. Our skylight installation offers a range of high-quality skylights from top manufacturers.

Skylight Repairs

The flashing around skylights is probably the most common repair we see. Rarely is the skylight unit damaged, but instead, the flashing can become dry-rotted over time by the sun’s rays. It’s always a good idea to have your skylights inspected each year. 

Skylights on asphalt shingle roof

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We offer free estimates for all of our services including skylight installation. Our consultation includes the best design placement, product selection, and itemized costs. We love seeing customers’ reactions once skylights are installed. The difference is transforming. Call us today at 352-705-2869.

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